U8 – U16

Magic United TFA

The Magic Group are proud to present our 2023 football packages. With a pool of full time Coaches with some of the highest qualifications on the Gold Coast, we offer a highly competitive environment of top level coaching and a football journey to suit all players.

Play Football Registration

Registrations are now open on playfootball.com.au for the new season ahead.
Just like every other year we need each player registered to play, so the earlier we can get this done… the easier it will be to organise everything prior to the season starting.
Please note: This doesn’t cost anything, it is purely a registration process that must be done in order for your son/daughter to play this year.
If you have registered previously, you should already have a login and a password and all your information should be pre-stored.
Please select Magic United football club inc’
Once you have done that, please select the sign up option which suits your age…
(e.g… If you are U8 this year – Please select Boys U8 – U11 Miniroos Foundation or development’)
It doesn’t really matter which one you select, it’s more the registration that is important.
Once you get to the end please click ‘Continue and pay at the club’
This is important as all payments come into the club, please don’t pay through the website.
Once your registration is complete, an automatic invoice will be generated to you. Please ignore that invoice, it’s just a generic invoice sent out via Play football… All fees come into the club and are logged by our staff.
Please email [email protected] for more information

Payment Details

We can confirm in 2023 we have continued our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). To find out more please contact Bianca Bowden directly on 0401 156 865 to make payment over the phone.

Alternatively, pay directly to the Magic United bank account. This payment will not be tax deductible and cannot be refunded and then sent to ASF. You can make partial payments and have until February 25th to pay the fees in full.

Please use Player Name and Age Group as reference.

Bank account name – Magic United FC INC
BSB number – 034 216
Account number – 686 692

Game Day

Game day is what everyone looks forward to. Please find a couple of key points to help the players out.

  • Aim to turn up 20 mins before kick off so players are relaxed and can warm up before the game starts
  • Make sure players have a healthy breakfast before the game and take on plenty of fluids.
  • Don’t overload the players with information you will only confuse them.
  • Encourage all players as much as possible but leave the coaching to the coaches.
  • Players will make mistakes don’t dwell on them after the game focus on the positives.
  • Players may get asked to help out other teams once your game has finished.